Cati's Life List

Even though the geek does not yet believe in that fact, we do have only a limited amount of time. And how often have I thought: "Yeah, I'd like to do that, but maybe another time." So now, inspired by Maggie Mason, I am writing down all those "One day..." thoughts in my Life List.

The list is not complete yet, but everytime I do something that is on the list, I'll post about it to share the experience with you. It is an ongoing process, so come back every once in a while to see what's new.
  1. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
  2. Write a novel.
  3. Have a child. And then another.
  4. Make twistbread with my kids over camp fire.
  5. Decorate the living room.
  6. Take a Photoshop course.
  7. Own a house.
  8. Skydive.
  9. Read 500 books.
  10. Host a summer garden party.
  11. Become a writer.
  12. Become involved with charity.
  13. Appear in a play.
  14. Learn tapdance.
  15. See Ayer's Rock at sunset.
  16. Take my laptop to "work" at Starbucks.
  17. Have my own office space.
  18. Be fluent in 4 languages: German / English / Spanish / French.
  19. See Macchu Picchu.
  20. Climb "El Capitan" in Yosemite National Park.
  21. Videotape a baby's first steps.
  22. Buy fresh flowers for the house for a year.
  23. Cook one new recipe per week for a year.
  24. Study graphics design.
  25. Eat a donut in Boston's Common.
  26. Swim with dolphins.
  27. Cook Christmas Eve Dinner for the entire family.
  28. Present some of my photographs in a "show".
  29. Learn to sew and wear something self-made in public.
  30. Attend a ball in a ball gown.
  31. Live in another country for not holidays.
  32. Be godmother of a child.
  33. Plan an event.
  34. Fly a helicopter.
  35. Ride a camel.
  36. Go on a safari in Africa.
  37. Attend a conference/blogher/summit.
  38. Design business cards for me and my business.
  39. Redesign Cati Basmatis Welt.
  40. Design something with Photoshop.
  41. Adopt a pet.
  42. Invite an exchange student into my life.
  43. Take pictures of me and the Welcome-sign of every American state.
  44. Grow vegetables.
  45. Build a bird house for my backyard.
  46. Send birthday cards to all my friends and family for one year.
  47. Publish a coffee table book.
  48. See the pyramids in Egypt.
  49. Kiss the geek atop the Eiffel tower.
  50. Kiss the geek atop the Empire State building.
  51. Visit a U Pick Orchard and make a pie out of self-picked fruits.
  52. Parasail.
  53. Organize a street party.
  54. Have a porch swing for summer evening wine.
  55. Have 100 readers for this blog.
  56. See whales off the New England coast with the geek.
  57. Help with a school play.
  58. Walk down the aisle.
  59. Have monthly dinners with my girls.
  60. Open a café/bookstore/bakery kind of place.
  61. Remodel a house.
  62. Live by the sea for not holidays.
  63. Rent a house by a lake with friends for vacation.
  64. Ride the cable car in San Francisco.
  65. See the Aurora Borealis at Nordkapp
  66. Host 100 parties.
  67. ...